Our Story

Birthmark Ministries is called to reignite a heart of prayer in God's people, reemphasize  the Fruit of the Spirit in God's Church, renew the gifts of the Spirit in God's Body, and reach the Lost for God's Kingdom. We desire to partner with  churches, ministries, and those who feel called to God's mission to renew all things. When Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father He gave gifts to equip the saints in the form of people. God's grace is imparted to His church through those called to equip His saints. We hope to identify, impart and empower gifts in all believers through prayer and partnership. 

What We Believe

Our Values

Birthmark Ministries promotes a culture of honor, wisdom and hospitality that values:

1) Connection: Prayer connects us to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This helps us to connect with a fallen world full of need! 

2) Community: Went brothers and sisters come to common unity it is sweet to the Lord. We value the unique attributes of God's people the world over. 


3) Creativity: The Rhema word of God has the power to create great things. We look to speak what God speaks and do what we see the father doing. When we do this faithfully we participate in God's creative process!


4) Compassion: Many of Jesus' miracles  proceeded from His compassion for God's people. We are called to compassion as well.