Harbor House is a place of prayer. It’s a gathering place for community, where people from all walks of life can share life together. It’s a space for music and art and various forms of creativity. It’s a mission station for all kinds of hurting and lonely and discouraged people in our community. 

Our goal is to live out the following three Priorities:

1) To be Authentic: True to Jesus

2) To be Relational: Kind to others

3) To be Missional: Loyal to the Gospel

Being True to Christ through:
Prayer and Worship –  encountering God and prioritizing time in His presence
Creativity – expressing praise and adoration in creative forms

Being Kind to Others through:
Hospitality – demonstrating God’s welcome to everyone

Justice – caring passionately about those who need support

Being Loyal to the Gospel through:
Mission – intentionally sharing Jesus in prayer and in action

Learning – growing together in faith, knowledge and wisdom